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The Abstract Software Project

The Abstract Software Project is dedicated to creating simple and modern apps for Linux. We have made two applications, both using snap and flatpak so that you can install on almost any Linux system. Scroll down to see descriptions of them and how to install them. You may want to look at our blog, for details of the latest releases and updates. For to submit issues, ideas, and browse our source code, look at gitlab.com/abstractsoftware.

O20: Open Source MS Word Clone

O20 is the fast and streamlined office suite for Linux, built on Qt5 and KDE, and designed to be familiar to O365 users and yet better. With O20, you can create and edit all your documents, never having to worry about losing them because of the O20 "AutoSave" feature. Now here with O20.Word, you can experience O365 and MS Word on your Linux desktop, complete with ODT and XHTML support, AutoSave, O20 Assistant, Syntax Highlighting for developers, and Styles, while being accessible on all Linux distros with Snapcraft and Flatpak support. O20.Word only has the things you need, and is perfect for drafting a novel, writing a simple essay, editing code, and reading documents with minimal formatting. It is available for download at flathub.org

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UnDraw Gaming

Abstract Games

Abstract Games is a suite of classic arcade games and board games. It currently includes JetFighter: an implementation of the real-time bomber video game, Chess: the classic chess game, iGo: Go for your desktop, and TicTacToe: an implementation of the Tic Tac Toe game. They are made almost entirely in Javascript and Qt Quick, so they the Material Style for their UI and design. Abstract Games makes it easy to make new games: the "LibAbstractGames Framework", has a Javascript frontend so that people can easily craft new games entirely in Javascript and Qt Quick. You can download and install Abstract Games at: snapcraft.io/abstractgames.