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Free Apps for Linux

The Abstract Software Project makes free, open source applications which work on all Linux platforms. Our applications use Flatpak and Snapcraft to ensure that they will work on every Linux system. Our main aim to create simple appplications which are easy to use for non-developers, and easy to edit for developers which are interested in contributing to our applications. All of our applications are completely open source, and we are hosted at gitlab at gitlab.com/abstractsoftware. Here, anyone can submit pull requests, issues, view our source base, and request to be added to our team.

Everything is Easy

Flatpaks and Snapcraft ensure that our applications or easy to install, and easy to use. Both Flatpak and Snapcraft allow users to choose rather to install on the command line, or use any GUI that supports Flatpak and Snapcraft. Have troubles installing? You come submit an issue if you cannot install on your system, or if you have trouble using the application. We use gitlab's built-in services to allow our users to submit issues and ideas about our software. If you are an application developer, then you can easily contribute too. You can submit pull request, or even be added to our team and be able to push commits to our source code.

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Office 365 on Linux

O20 is the real office 365 on Linux. Using a universal style, ribbion UI design, and the Spectrum word processing assistant. Installing O20, like all of our applications, is easy. O20 uses Flatpak for installation, so anyone on any Linux distro can install O20 and use it. The developers of O20 have reverse-engineered the Office 365 UI design, with all of the original office colors, tabs, and sidebar. It includes many of the features of Office, including comments and styles. Among it's special UI is the Office 365 start start screen, with the same design and user experience. O20 is available for download at flathub.org/apps/details/io.gitlab.o20.word.

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Modern Material Style Games

Abstract Games is a collection of games uses a material style interface, and they include lots of arcade games, strategy, and board games, some which include an AI called "Spectrum" you can play against. They can be downloaded from snapcraft at snapcraft.io/abstractgames. Abstract Games is a snap, which means that it can be installed on all Linux systems, regardless of what Linux distro you are using, as long as it is compatible with a version of snapd which will work with the latest snaps. Abstract Games allows you to use touchpad gestures to pause and continue games, allowing to optimized usage on laptops and personal computers.

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Where to Go Next

Next, you might want to take a look at our blog, where you can see our latest releases, and what we have added in lately. If you're a developer or a user, we recommend to submit bug reports and pull request, if you find anything wrong with our applications or if you have ideas for them. When you install our applications, you will always get support them, and we like bug reports, and as we make updates every week, and we always accept pull requests and bug reports from our users. And we ensure that our updates always are up-to-date, and as least buggy as possible, for a good user experience.